DREAM Club 2012 - Eli Szuch


DREAM Club 2012 Szuch EliPlaying soccer has taught me so many things as I have progressed through the years. Playing soccer has brought me so much joy and sometimes a little disappointment in my life, yet the life lessons soccer has taught me will stick strong in how I cope with life in the future.

As far as the positive goes with playing soccer with this amazing club, I have had far more positive memories than negative. Because of the tight-knit unit we had starting all the way back in the U14 and growing to today, we have had so much success. We haven’t won every game nor every tournament, but he have grown and learned so much together. As we have won, we have learned that as we worked together and executed what our coaches taught us, that we could honestly play with any team in the United States. This has been one of the most significant points made in my mind. Also, beating the previous National Champions didn’t help our case either.

Even though we have won more than we have lost, we still take time to reflect on our performances we didn’t necessarily do our best and come out with victory. We have learned so much from losing, despite the gross thought and taste in our mouth. From losing we’ve learned to come together, specifically seek out our roles as teammates, and gain a greater desire to overcome the next challenge in our team’s path.

Soccer isn’t just about winning and losing, or who has the most talent or swag, soccer has taught me many valuable life lessons. Let me specifically list and explain a couple. One that sticks out to me most is that soccer, along with life, will have seemingly insurmountable obstacles. With these obstacles we may not always have the best attitude or the most confident resolve, but as long as we go about combating those challenges and calling on others to help us, like we would do in soccer, we can over come anything.

Also I would like to assert that soccer has taught be to have integrity and stick to my guns. When making a commitment in soccer, I would do my best to follow through and do as I had said. In life the same thing is so important to execute. Integrity is rare, and in soccer I have learned this. I do attribute much to soccer, and know that experiences will happen in my life that I will be able to use the lessons I’ve learned while growing up and playing soccer.

I have enjoyed so much being a part of the team I am on now, and being a part of this club. From getting annihilated by teams as a U13 team, to beating the defending National Champions 3-1, I have so many sweet memories playing for the Idaho Rush Club. In this club, I have had so many people step up and help me, through finances and in overall moral. I have so much gratitude for all that many of the kind gracious people of this club have done for me. In so many ways than one am I thankful for this club and the experiences I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. Growing up and playing the great game of soccer along with the amazing people I have connected with, has been a blessing in my life.

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