DREAM Club 2012 - Kevin Fekete


DREAM Club 2012 Fekete KevinNot many things can compare to the joy I have got from playing soccer with a great bunch of guys and a great club who has got all of our names out in the world. There are many things one can learn from playing for Rush for eight years straight and that is its not always everything to win because we at one point thought we could not be beaten but when you do lose it definitely is a humbling experience. When you do win though it feels even better because most of the time the other teams we played have never heard of our team or they thought we were just a bunch of farmers who didn’t know how to play soccer. Proving all those teams wrong is a great feeling and we accomplished that many times throughout our career at Rush.

Staying at one club was I think a good choice and it shows how loyal I am because I never missed a thing and was always supporting our club and telling other players about the organization. The friends that I have made are definitely life-long friends who I will never forget and I will continue to talk to them for the rest of my life. One coach who became a good friend really fast is Brian. He always was my favorite coach and he is probably the funniest guy I have ever met. He always taught me to have fun when I play and I think of him when I’m playing. I remember when I was younger always looking up to the older players and hoping that I could be as good as them one day and be just like them. Now when I look at the younger players they have that same look that I used to have when they look at me and it makes me happy knowing that I made it to be where I am today and I’m proud of myself. Doing some of the community service work that our team has done has helped us all see that helping people feels good. It also shows the community we aren’t just a bunch of thugs and we actually care about our city.

Overall my experience with Rush I will never forget and I hope I can continue playing in the future and one day hopefully get paid to do what I love for the rest of my life. The soccer trips I have been on are some of the best memories I have ever had and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Rush has been a great club and I will never forget that.

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