Girls U14 Nike's run at IF Shootout falls just short

G14 Nike 97-98 IF Shootout finalist 2012
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Game 1 - The girls' first game and win of the Idaho Falls Shootout May 11-13 came while playing against PVSC of Pocatello. Until this day the girls had been 1-and-1 in wins against PVSC. Their loss against Pocatello came in the fall season as the Nike girls were just learning to come together as a team. Today, Nike dominated the game and came out with a nice win, shutting out Pocatello.

Game 2 - Later that afternoon, they played against a team called OSC Warriors. The girls came out a little flat, holding the game to 0-0 at the half but not really dominating. After a little discussion at halftime they came out on fire. Finally, Maddie nailed a beautiful header off of a corner kick to put the first goal on the board. Then the Nike girls cut loose and ended up shutting the Warrriors out as well. Now they were in the semifinals.

Game 3 (Semifinals) - The next morning the Rush girls came in a little more ready to play against Xtreme Black. It was a hard-fought game but they won that one too. As this game was happening, behind the coaches was the other semifinal game. The team from Ogden was proving that they would be a tough team to beat in the championship.

Game 4 (Finals) - The Nike girls started out with a number of offsides calls against them that would have resulted in big breakaways leaving 1-on-1 matchups with the goalie as the Nike forwards had a bit more speed than the Ogden defense. These runs with a goal might have changed the course of the game. They soon learned they couldn't play that way with this team from Ogden and needed to capitalize on every opportunity. In the first 5 minutes they learned that Ogden had a surprise throw-in capability not seen very often, especially at the U14 age. A forward hand-spring throw-in put the ball right in front of the goal. Karlyn got a good read on it and snagged it before it went in but those throw-ins kept coming. Though none of them resulted in a goal it definitely changed the balance of the game. The Nike girls settled in and never quit though and played well throughout the game. They fought hard but in the end had to accept a loss, however they should be proud of their accomplishment in Idaho Falls.

They lost to Ogden but won second place in the tournament. The silver matches well with the gold from the Carson City tounament last month!

-- Brian Shults
Volunteer team reporter
Idaho Rush girls U14 Nike

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