Idaho Rush Schedules for Futsal 2014/15



Winter Futsal Leagues 2014/15


     Idaho Rush is excited to provide an affordable way to improve players' technical skills during the winter off-season. We know players are constantly looking for ways to stay in the game, and we believe the benefits of futsal far outweigh indoor soccer:

  • Futsal is a fast-paced, action-packed version of soccer played indoors on a basketball court with a slightly weighted ball. Teams play 4v4 with three field players and a "sweeper/keeper", creating an ideal shape that includes the three basic principles of the game: penetration, depth and width.
  • Because the game is played without walls, players must improve their technical skills rather than rely on walls as a crutch. Players become more comfortable on the ball, resulting in more effective dribbling, passing and finishing.
  • The game is played in a tight space so players must learn to make fast decisions under pressure. It may look sloppy at first, but the improvement over the course of the session last year was remarkable.
  • For families, the futsal league has more predictable, manageable schedules that fit better into your family life. Teams play one time per week, usually at the same time and on the same day each week.
  • Futsal is more affordable. Indoor leagues typically cost $50-60 or more, while registration for futsal is $30.

Futsal Statistics:

  • Players touch the ball 600% more times in a futsal game compared to a soccer game
  • 3 times more goals scored in a futsal game than in a soccer game
  • six minutes between each goal
  • 43 seconds between each shot
  • Players get better naturally


  • Open to:
    • Session 1: Nov. 11-Dec. 20 is for U10-U14 teams in the Competitive program
  • Days:
    • Session 1: Games will be in the evenings Tuesday through Saturday. Generally, teams will play on the same night each week.
    • Session 2: TBD
  • Location: Boys & Girls Club in Garden City and possibly one other location.
  • Length of games: Two, 12-min. halves with a 2-min. halftime.
  • Rosters: Minimum of five players, maximum of seven players.

Schedules for the winter 2014-2015
Session 1 (Competitive teams): Nov. 11 through Dec. 20
Boys Girls
U10 U10
U11/U12 U11/U12
U13/U14 U13

Select Schedules for Futsal Session Two 2014-2015
 Boys  Girls
 U12  U12

Competetive Schedule for Futsal Session Two 2014-2015
Boys Girls
U15 U15-U17
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