DREAM Club 2012 - Bryson Pavel


DREAM Club 2012 Pavel BrysonThe Idaho Rush Soccer Club has been one of the biggest influences that have impacted my life. Since the day I Joined the club to the day that I played one of my last game in regionals, I have always cherished each moment that I got to spend with my team, my coaches, and my mentors. This club gave me the best opportunities that any club in Idaho could have offered. In my development years (U13-U15) Lee Riley taught me what it takes to be dedicated and helped me find my passion for the game. When Rush and Osprey combined, I knew that I was in the right place. Rush gave me one of the biggest things that I value most, which is a family. I will always remember the players I played with and the coaches that have coached me. From Steve Lynch helping me get recruited to Jens who taught me everything I know about the game, Rush will always have my support. Some of my greatest soccer memories have come from playing with Rush. The first time we ever won state together was when we were U14s with Lee Riley. From there on out I knew that the team that I played with was a brotherhood I could have never dreamed of. Another amazing memory was Far West Regionals in Boise when we made it to the quarterfinals and fell short to Arizona. Being regional champs with Jens as our coach and getting an opportunity to play in nationals was an honor. I can personally say that Rush has given me the tools to not only succeed as a soccer player, but as a young citizen in college. Rush has taught me discipline, integrity, teamwork, and what it’s like to be on a team. I will forever cherish the connections that Rush has given me from my friends to my coaches. Considering that two of my teammates are currently my teammates in college as well as one of them being my roommate. Playing soccer for Idaho Rush was the one of the best decisions that I have made in my life and I would not change the brotherhood I formed with the club for anything.

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