Idaho Rush Soccer Club
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Boys U10(25 minute halves)

Bracket A Bracket B Bracket C
Rush Jaguars Rush Wolves Rush Barca
Rush Predators Rush Cosmos Rush Strikers
Rush Spitzler Rush Pride Rush Scorpions


Tuesday, Oct 21st
Home   Away   Field Time Score
Rush Jaguars vs. Rush Predators Simplot 3C 5:30pm 3-2 
Rush Wolves vs. Rush Comos Simplot 3B 5:30pm 3-1 
Rush Scorpions vs.  Rush Strikers  Simplot 16A 5:30pm 2-3 

Wednesday, Oct 22nd
Home   Away   Field Time Score
Rush Barca vs. Rush Scorpions Simplot 3B 5:30pm 6-0 


Thursday, Oct 23rd
Home   Away Field Time Score
Rush Spitzler vs. Rush jaguars Simplot 3C 5:30pm 1-10 
Rush Pride vs. Rush Wolves Simplot 3B 5:30pm 1-3 
Friday, Oct 24th 
Home  Away  Field  Time  Score 
Rush Strikers vs. Rush barca Simplot 3B 5:30pm  2-2
Saturday, Oct 25th 
Home Away Field  Time Score 
Rush Predators vs. Rush Spitzler Simplot 3C 10:15am 4-1 
Rush Comos vs. Rush Pride Simplot 3B 10:15am 3-1 
Rush Jaguars vs. Rush Strikers SEMI FINAL 1 Simplot 5A 11:30am 2-1 
Rush Wolves vs. Rush barca SEMI FINAL 2 Simplot 3C 11:30pm 0-1 
Rush Jaguars Rush Barca FINAL Simplot 3C 3:15pm 2-3 

Bracket A Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Rush Jaguars NA  18 
Rush Predators  NA 11 
Rush Spitzler  NA
Bracket B  Game 1  Game 2  Game 3  Total 
Rush Wolves  NA 18 
Rush Comos  NA 10 
Rush Pride NA 
Bracket C Game 1  Game 2  Game 3  Total 
Rush Barca 10  NA  15 
Rush Strikers  NA 14 
Rush Scorpions  NA


Idaho Rush Soccer Club

270 S. Orchard St, Boise, Idaho 83705

Monday – Thursday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
10:00 am to 1:00pm

(208) 336-6512

(208) 336-6588

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