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Spring 2016 SEASON
  • Early Bird U8-U14 $220 / High School $120 - Ends Midnight Jan 18th 2016


  • High School Registration for U8-U14: Open Dec 10th.
  • Close: Feb 1st Midnight
  • Fees: U8-U14 $240 for the year 2015-2016 / High School $140 per season 
  • Uniform: Varies. More info.
  • Practices begin: Around Feb 15th
  • Coaches meeting: Feb 9th 6pm., Idaho Rush office. 
  • First games: March 5th Optimist Sports Complex
  • No games: March19-26th
  • Select Classic: May 10-14th

The Select program provides balanced, competitive play while developing players, coaches and referees without the additional costs and commitment of time required by highly competitive leagues. There is no travel out of town, although some travel in the Boise metro area for practices and games will be required. Players should possess good technical skills and a higher level of dedication to the game. Players are guaranteed 50 percent playing time during the season and tournament play.


Teams in the Rush Select Program are formed in the fall through an evaluation and placement process. Not all players attending evaluations will be placed on a Select team. If coaches feel some players' skills are not equal to those of their peers, they may be placed in the Recreation program. Once teams are formed, they typically stay together throughout their time spent in the program. For example, a team formed at U8 will more than likely stay together as a team until they reach U11 or U12. This system helps players and coaches grow and develop together as a team.

All NEW players in the U8-U10 divisions must attend an evaluation to be placed on a team. Examples include those players moving from Recreation to Select, players new to CYSA/Idaho Rush because they recently moved to Boise or those who are coming from another organization. Returning Select players may elect to be placed on the same team and do not need to attend the evaluations. Staff coaches use evaluations to 1) determine if players have an appropriate skill level, and 2) help build balanced teams as much as possible. Should we feel that the Recreation program is a more appropriate environment for your child, Rush will guarantee placement on a team and refund the difference in program fees.

There are no evaluations for players in the U11 or Higher. Also, if you played in the Select program last year, you do not need to attend evaluations. HIgh school-aged teams are formed after high school tryouts in August.

Seasons and games

Select U8-U14 teams will play together through both a fall and spring season. Teams in the U19 age groups play separate fall and spring seasons. Games for the fall season generally begin around the last weekend in August and run through the end of October. The spring season generally begins in early March and runs though the end of April. Pre-season practices for both seasons may begin as soon as three weeks before the first game.

Generally there is only one game per week and games are almost always on Saturdays. Due to limited field space, a team may play some weeknight games and or a double header on a Saturday. Locations for the Select seasons alternate from east to west locations. In the fall games are played at the Simplot Soccer Complex while spring games are played at the Optimist Soccer Complex. Because our membership is made up of players and teams from all over the valley, the Idaho Rush sees the value in alternating game locations so that members have the opportunity to play closer to home.

Fall and Spring Classics

At the end of each fall and spring season, there is a tournament that takes place for the all teams in the Select program. The tournament runs over the course of two weekends, but there are no games on Sundays. The tournament schedule is based on the team's seeding in the division.

Equipment and uniforms

The uniform consists of a full Adidas kit which includes: blue jersey, white jersey, black shorts and blue socks. Players who have the uniform from previous seasons are encouraged to reuse it, and players who need new pieces or an entire uniform may purchase them at the CYSA/Idaho Rush office. Due to sponsorship between the Rush Soccer Club and Adidas, players must wear the Adidas uniform for games.

Soccer shoes should have plastic, aluminum or molded rubber studs. The studs must be no longer than 3/4 inch and should be manufactured and sold as soccer shoes. The studs must not be sharp (no baseball cleats) and shoes with a single stud at the toe (American football cleats or rubber baseball cleats) are not allowed.

Nothing dangerous may be worn during a game. There are no exceptions. This includes, but is not limited to: jewelry, earrings (including pierced), rings, necklaces, bracelets, and wristwatches.

Casts and splints are allowed in the Select program at the discretion of the referee.

Goalkeepers must wear a shirt clearly different from any other field players and the referee. They may wear special goalkeeper jerseys, gloves, pants and/or elbow and knee pads.

Additional clothing such as shirts and long pants may not be worn over the uniform in game play. Sweatshirts, sweatpants and gloves may be worn under the uniform in cold weather.

Parents and volunteers

All coaches, team managers and assistant referees are parent volunteers. Each team fills those three positions from the team parent pool or finds someone other than a parent to fill the positions. If the team cannot find volunteers to fill the positions, the team will be disbanded with no refunds issued.




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