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Each year, hundreds of volunteers give thousands of hours of their precious time to help young athletes realize the benefits of playing the greatest sport on earth. Every year, we recognize some of the stand-out volunteers who have gone above and beyond the high expectations we hold for our volunteers. This is not an honor we take lightly. Through their dedication, demeanor and positive approach to their players and the game, they are leading examples of the standard we hope all of our volunteers can achieve. On behalf of all of the children they have helped, CYSA and the Idaho Rush Soccer Club thank these volunteers for everything they do. Their time and passion is greatly appreciated by all who see tham at work.
2014 Volunteers of the Year
Blue Standard Award --Craig Forsdick
The Blue Standard Award is given to the coach or volunteer who best exemplifies the values, ethics and dedication to children all Rush coaches strive to achieve.
  • Team: Girls U14 Strikers
  • Years involved in youth soccer: 17 years.
  • Favorite part of coaching?: Honestly why I choose to work in youth soccer is hard to narrow down. First a love of the game, it’s hard to not want to be a part of it in any way you can. Then the opportunity to be around, learn from and work with so many wonderful people. So often in youth athletics, it becomes more about the personal aspirations of the leaders and coaches. Here I’ve found a great “cast of characters” that have the same goals and objectives that focus on the players development first. It’s really a pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to work along side of and learn from so many terrific people. Then of course…the kids!
  • Best moment of the past season: Sorry, I’ll never be able to narrow it down. Every year has provided so many moments, so many quirks and unexpected moments. All you can do just soak it in.
  • Why you Volunteer: First blame it on my son, if you knew him…I had to! Seriously, first it has always been about my children, I can’t think of not being able to be a part of their lives and interests. Soccer has always been a huge part of our family. Second, all the other players (and families) we get to work with. I have been so blessed to have been able to develop so many friendships and watch so many kids grow from such a young age and develop into such remarkable young adults. Lastly, these past few years, the sport has provided me with the opportunity to work with some kids who have/and are experience some incredible challenges. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to work with them. They bless me every week.

Craig F

Recreation Coach of the Year -- Brian Coffey
  • Team: Boys U6 Collister Golden Eagles, Girls U9 Select Golden Eagles, Team Manager Competetive U11 Boys Grey
  • Years involved in youth soccer: 6 years
  • Your favorite part ofworking in youth soccer:

    Coaching youth soccer shines a light on all of my flaws and foibles; pokes and prods my anxiety and fear. I have learned so much about myself, my children and kids in general by coaching-by actively engaging in the struggle-that I would not and could not have learned from books, journaling or psychotherapy (though I learn from those things too!) I think trying to be a good coach required me to try to be a good person. I am inspired by the great coaches I interact with, both professional and volunteer, at Idaho Rush because I sense they too are in it for the struggle. I think youth soccer offers the best metaphor for life in terms of combining individual skill with team effort, the ebb and flow of transitioning, of trying to create and then reacting to opposition and challenges, and of the importance of mindset and attitude. Plus, it’s an awful lot of fun!

     awful lot of fun!
  • Best moment of the past season: This might sound weird, but I think my favorite memories so far are of helping ids get the boats and boards in and out of the water at Camp McCall. There is so much joy and laughter and a sense of freedom whey they’re playing on the water that I really like being part of
  • Why you volunteer?: 

    I started off coaching because I was worried how my son would handle the challenges of being on a team coached by a stranger. I am so thankful that first head coach, Jake Fruhlinger, became my dear friend. I suppose I still volunteer because I love the feeling that comes with being part of a community that is committed to helping kids and their families as well, grow and be happy, not just how to kick a ball. I suppose I’m kind of addicted to that feeling now.

Bobrian Coffey 

Select Coach of the Year -- Eli Asanti
  • Team: Boys U12 Avengers Blue, Boys U12 Avengers White
  • Years coaching youth soccer: 5 years
  • Your favorite part of working in youth soccer: 

    Watching the team mature from boys to young men; seeing them learn to deal with the highs and lows of both winning and losing and watching them come together as a team.

  • Best moment of the past season: 

    I have two. The first, is when my two teams played each other.

    It was a blast for the boys, parents and coaches. The second is

    broader; it is those moments when you watch your team do

    something in a game, that you’ve been working on in practice. It makes us, as coaches, look at each other and say, “Oh, they were listening.”

  • Why you Volunteer: Soccer has brought so much to my life. It has taken me to different parts of the world, provided me a college scholarship, introduced me to lifelong friends and produced memories that I can recall with pride and joy. I want to repay that gift, by helping the   next generation learn about being a good teammate and an even better friend through the greatest game in the world.
Eli Asanti



Competitive Coach of the Year -- Gary Kincaid
  • Team: Girls U14 Premier
  • Years coaching: 22 Years
  • Your favorite part of working in soccer: taking the time to understand a player, discovering what motivates them and then helping them become a better player and more importantly a better person.
  • Best Moment this past season: Each time one of my players, past or present tells me, "Thank You"
  • Why do you volunteer?: See above......
gary kincaid


Competitive Team Manager of the Year -- Dave Rucklos
  • Role: Boys U17 Premier
  • Years involved in youth soccer: 17 years
  • Favorite part of working in soccer: Watching kids grow over time and witnessing the impact of youth sports in their lives
  • Best moment of the past season: Meeting " George Bush" at the One World  Soccer Camp... having the opportunity to assist staff coaches on the sidelines and gaining insight into the game... the many frienships initiated by volunteering
  • Why you volunteer: Many choose different paths in which to help their community. Idaho Rush has provided me with the opportunity to give back my time in the hope of positively affecting others.
Dave Rucklos




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