Players coming out of the mountains -- literally

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     The annual Camp McCall pre-season training was a huge success with more than 110 Idaho Rush players enjoying the cool mountain air. Hopefully, players have recovered from a soccer-packed weekend.

     Our objective on the field was training sessions that were educational and competitive but most of all, fun. Off the field, players got the chance to bond with teammates and coaches. Overall, we hope it was a positive experience that created lasting memories. Thanks again to all the coaches and chaperones that made this weekend successful.

Cross-country mile 
     U10 boys: Chase Kluksdal, 7:50
     U10 girls:  Katherine Sand, 8:13
     U11 boys: Taavi Zoller, 7:32
     U11 girls:  Jordan Thomas, 7:43
     U12 boys: Julian Leeflang, 7:40
     U12 girls:  Brooke Weimer, 7:30
Technical session, Saturday morning
     McKenna Walsh
     Sam Wagner
     Rylee Taylor
     Afton Rasco
     Chloe Flynn
     Mason Slaughter
     Ava Ranson
Tactical session, Saturday afternoon

      McCall Bennion
      Sam Wagner
      Emory Deutsch
      Channing Miller
      Jade Maldonado
      Aiden Borders
      Patrick Moes 

Best goalkeepers 

      Boys: Dylan Bowes
      Girls: Kaija Zoller

MVPs from Saturday evening games

      U10 7v7 co-ed game (girls): Channing Miller
      U10 7v7 co-ed game (boys): Pacifique Uwumukiza
      U11 9v9 girls game: Rylee Taylor
      U11 & U12 9v9 boys game: Kaden Bryant
      U12 9v9 girls game: Malia Good

Team participation award
     Girls U12-Black, coach Denae Kudera (back-to-back champions)
3v3 tournament champions
      U10 co-ed: Chase Kluksdal, George Thompson, Sophia Bramble, Kaija Zoller
      U11 co-ed: Emory Deutsch, Rylee Taylor, Kellan Hayes, Ethan Hurt
      U12 co-ed: McKenzie Kluksdal, Braden Bauer, Kristen Kudera, Dylan Bowes, Lewis Koppen 
Coaches' Pick

 McCall Kluksdal 2013

McKenzie Kluksdal, U12 

 McCall Chatterton 2013

Zach Chatteron, U12

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